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  • Everyone has a “Day One.” It could be for starting a new diet or workout routine, it could be the first day at a new job, anything. It is exciting because it’s a fresh start and a beginning to a new journey with the end result being unknown. The new youth sports program at Bolingbrook Park District is taking that exact approach. Anything can happen, but it has to start with a Day One.

    The philosophy is simple:
    • Learn the basics and fundamentals of sports.
    • Include everyone. Nobody is left on the sidelines. Everyone gets to participate.
    • Have fun! This is the true baseline of sports, play because we want to and because it’s fun.
    • Foster life-long skills to build an active lifestyle.

    Sports programs include:
    • Basketball
    • Soccer
    • Track & Field
    • Parent/Kid Sports Mania
    • Baseball
    • T-Ball