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  • Bolingbrook Park District – Pathway Connections Project (Updated March 18, 2020)

  • Lily Cache Greenway (crossing at Veterans Parkway)

    • Village of Bolingbrook has provided Bolingbrook Park District with approval to install a solar-powered crossing signal & crosswalk on both sides of Veterans Parkway to cross street
    • Landscape Architect is working on construction documents / design
    • Median on Veterans Parkway will be large enough for a tow-behind trailer for bikes (children)
    • Circle round-a-bout bike trail (current dead-end) will stay in place as is. Bike trail leading up to cross at Veterans Parkway will shoot off pathway.

    Prairie Path Wetlands Park (BPD 50th Park)

    • Property was officially obtained by the Park District in Fall 2019
    • Survey, soil delineation have already taken place on property
    • Landscape Architect is working on construction documents / design

    Bridge at Drafke Park / Prairie Path Wetlands

    • Survey, soil borings for bridge abutments have been processed on site
    • Designs have started
    • Architects are working with Civil Engineers, US Army Corps of Engineers for approval to place bridge over Lily Cache Creek
    • BPD Team has advised Landscape Architect for design of a 10’ wide steel bridge (approx. 45’ long) to be installed on site

    Drafke Park

    • Village of Bolingbrook has approved the Park District to remove the sidewalk along Quail Run Avenue and install an 8’ wide asphalt path to connect with existing path leading up to bridge
    • Survey has been complete of site
    • Asphalt path will shift south from street through Drafke Park playground (Drafke Park Playground is up for update in 2021). This will provide an excellent design in transition from Bike Trail with Playground.
    • Asphalt Bike Trail will continue west to connect with existing dead end at the Lily Cache Greenway path leading to Bella Vista / Bradford Park

    Pathway (east of Weber Road – E / W Connection Commercial Property at Bradford Place)

    • Stahelin Commercial currently owns property
    • Park District staff have met with Stahelin on the possibility to obtain an easement to connect the pathways at Bella Vista (Hartz Homes) leading up to the intersection at Bradford Place / Weber Road
    • Stahelin Commercial has also met with Village of Bolingbrook officials, so when property is sold, the trails installed by the Park District will not affect in/out access to property
    • Park District is in process of getting property surveyed for grading so we can provide Stahelin Commercial with proposed path / easement requests
    • Park District / Village of Bolingbrook / Stahelin have verbal approval for easement

    Pathway (east of Weber Road – N / S Connection)

    • Park District is working with Will County to gain an ‘Right of Way’ easement to build bike path that connects current dead-end on south end of Lily Cache Greenway, leading to intersection of Bradford Place / Weber Road and meet up with easement from Stahelin Commercial
    • Bolingbrook Park District and Will County approved an ‘Intergovernmental Agreement’ to agree on approval or path and maintenance of pathway
    • Upon completion of Construction Documents, Park District will be formally submitting application for approval to install a bike path just east of Weber Road with N / S connection.

    WeatherTech (west of Weber Road – N / S Connection)

    • During design of WeatherTech property being constructed at South/West corner of Hassert and Weber Road, WeatherTech was required by Village of Bolingbrook officials (with interests of Bolingbrook Park District) to install a 10’ bike lane in lieu of a sidewalk just west of Weber Road with N / S connection from intersection of Weber Road / Hassert to south end of property line.
    • Park District requested and obtained an easement from Illinois American Water (who owns a water station south of WeatherTech) to allow for path to continue south further.
    • Park District requested and obtained an easement from Village of Bolingbrook (who owns a pole barn next to the Illinois American Water station) to allow for path to continue south.
    • With approvals of easements, the installation of the bike trail by WeatherTech will now continue all the way from the intersection of Weber Road / Hassert south along Weber Road connecting to the current dead-end bike trail at the Lily Cache East campus.

    Other Park District Info

    • Bolingbrook Park District has submit a grant through Illinois Department of Natural Resources (IDNR) to fund the completion of the Comprehensive Bike Trail system as indicated through the 2018 Referendum. Staff are anticipating a response in late 2020 from the State.

    Download the Pathway Connection PDF to see the full scope of the project here.