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  • Upland Design has been busy since the feedback we received from our community input session and online survey. They have developed two design options for each of our five parks planned for replacement this year. You get to help choose which option will be built.

    Step 1 – Download the Playground Design Options PDF
    This will allow you to get a better view of all the exciting features. Take some time to review each of the elements. Note which of the two options you prefer.

    Link: Playground Renovations Design Concepts

    Step 2 – Complete survey to select your choice for each playground
    Click on the link below to officially submit your choice for which playground you prefer at each park.

    Link: Playground Renovations Public Survey

    Please note: The survey will be open until the end of day on Monday, February 25. Look for the winning design choices to be posted here by Monday, March 4.

  • Preliminary Referendum Delivery Plan

  • The details below will outline the initial steps Bolingbrook Park District will be following in order to implement the Referendum plan as presented.
  • Plan Goals:

    • Demonstrate delivery of referendum items
    • Manage expected financial impact
    • Ensure high quality, integrity, and communication
  • Playgrounds (Part of the District's Capital Asset Replacement Program)
    Remington LakesIndian Chase MeadowsDrafke
    Lily Cache GreenwayRiver BendEricson
    HeritageIndian BoundaryWinston Woods
  • 20222023Total Projected Cost for all Playgrounds
    FreedomThe Forest
    *$490,000*$365,000$2,525,000 Total for all Playgrounds
  • *Represents the projected cost by year.
  • Initial Steps for 2019 Playgrounds

    • Staff will be consulting with and contracting with a landscape architect firm to begin the research and design process for the 2019 playground replacements.
    • The marketing team is partnering with the Executive Director to develop feedback tools to gather information from the community regarding what is important to them in the planning and design for the new playgrounds (Remington Lakes, Heritage, Lily Cache Greenway, Poplar, and Jaycee Parks) slated to be completed in 2019.
    • Staff will be working with the playground design team to offer two community input sessions. The first session will be on Saturday, February 9 from 11:00 am-1:00 pm at the Annerino Community Center and will include interactive elements to help people share their ideas or interests in playground design.
    • The second will be on Tuesday, February 19 at 6:00 pm at the Bolingbrook Recreation & Aquatic Complex and will include a more definitive plan for each of the initial five playgrounds based on the input received.
    • Target of research completion is March 1, with design commencing at that point.

  • New Referendum Capital (Initial Steps for 2019)
    Pelican Harbor Lazy River Island201920202021
    Bridge, grass and decking, shade structuresEmploy architectural and construction management companies to prepare documents, apply for permits and bid trades. Construction to begin mid-September.Construction complete by June 2020.
    Projected Cost$644,000$166,000
  • BRAC Renovation201920202021
    New entrance, program rooms, family changing rooms, locker room improvementsPrepare plans and construction documents with a goal of being out to bid by fall of 2019.Award contracts, begin construction with a goal of completion by December 2020/January 2021.
    Projected Cost$120,000$3,776,800
  • Pathway Connection (Weber and Hassert Area)201920202021
    Connecting path on east and west side of Weber Road through Bradford and Drafke Parks and crossing Lily Cache Creek.Continue process of securing property and easements necessary to carry out the construction of Lily Cache Greenway trail connections for construction in 2021.Employ a civil engineering firm to update and complete construction documents, apply for regulatory permits and assist bidding the work to complete the connections and expansion of the Lily Cache Greenway trail. Then bid the construction work on late 2020 and early 2021. Construction to begin in 2021.Construct bridge and pathways connecting existing trails on Lily Cache Greenway in the Weber and Hassert Road area through Bradford and Drafke Parks.
    Prepare construction documents for the installation of a bridge over Lily Cache Creek and completion of the trail system.Apply for a grant application for the Lily Cache Greenway connections for construction 2021.Projected opening by September 2021.
    Projected Cost $10,000$85,000$824,000
    Total Projected Costs By Year For New Referendum Capital Projects$794,000$4,027,800$824,000
  • Facilities, Equipment, and Technology Replacements
    Facility, Equipment, Technology201920202021
    Part of the District's Capital Asset Replacement Program4 trucks, 1 tractor2 trucks, 3 mowers1 truck, 1 trailer
    HVAC at ACCFitness equipmentPaving Central Park
    *Each year includes removal and replacement of Ash Trees due to EAB.Pumps and filters at Pelican HarborExterior building workFencing (several parks)
    Projected Cost By Year$871,929$1,358,850$1,514,052
  • Facility, Equipment, Technology20222023Total Projected Cost for all Facility, Equipment, Technology
    2 trucks, 1 mower3 trucks, 1 mower
    Lighting Central ParkRoofing
    Interior work (BGNR)Park paving
    Projected Cost By Year$944,137$737,665$5,426,633
  • Initial Steps for 2019 Facilities, Equipment, and Technology Replacements

    • Work with Projects Team, BGNR Managers, and Administrations to schedule the replacements of these areas.
    • Projects and purchases will be scheduled by quarter based on replacement need and facility schedule.
  • Grand Total of Projected Referendum Projects: $13,597,433

  • As projects progress, staff will be posting updates on this page.

  • Below is a historical reference of all documents from the referendum ask as well as the Preliminary Referendum Delivery Plan. These documents will remain on this site for residents to reference back to over the next five years as projects get completed. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact the Executive Director, Ron Oestreich at (630) 783-6531.

    Preliminary Referendum Delivery Plan

    Fact Sheet

    Potential Playground Replacement Map

    LilyCache Greenway Pathway Connection Map

    Bolingbrook Recreation & Aquatic Complex (BRAC) Exterior Rendering

    Bolingbrook Recreation & Aquatic Complex (BRAC) Site Plan Rendering

    Lazy River at Pelican Harbor Aquatic Park Rendering

    Informational Postcard

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