• Strategic Plan
  • Connecting with our Community

    An important component to Bolingbrook Park District's Strategic Plan is the Community Wide Survey, which is distributed randomly to Bolingbrook Park District households. This survey is completed every three to four years and is designed to capture resident impressions and perspectives of District services. The latest survey was completed in June 2020 during the COVID-19 Crisis. Feedback from this survey have served a critical role as we plan for the future as we recover from the crisis.

    Click here for the 2013 Community Wide Survey Results
    Click here for the 2016 Community Wide Survey Results
    Click here for the 2020 Community Wide Survey Results

    The 2020 Community Wide Survey results will play a key role in the determination of the future programming and service needs for the community. Stay tuned for future updates on the strategic program plan for Bolingbrook Park District moving forward.