• Strategic Plan
  • Strategic Plan...a Roadmap to Our Future

    The Bolingbrook Park District collaborated with Heller and Heller Consulting, Inc. (HHC) to develop the Park District 2014-18 Strategic Plan. The Plan will be aligned with the start of the budget year, beginning January 2014 and continuing through December 2018.

    The District gathered input from a variety of stakeholders, including the residents of Bolingbrook, employees, board members and civic leaders. As a result of that process, we have a clear strategic direction moving forward. We thank all the groups and individuals who helped us get to this next step.

    An important component to the Strategic Plan was the Community Wide Survey, which was distributed randomly to Bolingbrook Park District households. This survey is completed every three years and is designed to capture resident impressions and perspectives of District services.

    Click here for the 2013 Community Wide Survey Results
    Click here for the 2016 Community Wide Survey Results

    The Bolingbrook Park District Strategic Plan includes major areas as follows:

    • Revised mission, vision, and values
    • Demographics and Trend Report
    • Summary of community, Board, and staff input
    • Summary of the Community Survey
    • Information about the Balanced Scorecard framework for strategy
    • Strategic Initiatives

    Description of Strategic Initiatives

    From feedback received and key demographic information, Bolingbrook Park District has developed 4 key Strategic Initiatives that will drive decision making and operations for the next five years. The District’s Key Operational Results have become the Strategic Initiatives for Bolingbrook Park District, which are depicted as follows:

    LEARNING AND GROWTH: Employee Engagement and Satisfaction

    Objective 1: One Team, One Voice, One Park District

    Objective 2: Defining Expectations

    Objective 3: Professional Development and Recognition


    Objective 1: Use Technology to Improve Services

    Objective 2: Communication 360

    Objective 3: Investigate New Ideas & Solutions

    CUSTOMER: Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty

    Objective 1: Creating Customers for Life

    Objective 2: Anticipating Future Needs

    Objective 3: Meaningful Personalized Experience

    FINANCIAL: Financial Growth and Sustainability

    Objective 1: Realistic Operations Plan

    Objective 2: Maximize Funding Opportunities

    Objective 3: Efficient Use of Resources


    Staff has developed an implementation plan with specific objectives for each Strategic Initiative, including a timeline for completion categorized as follows:

    1. Completed in 2014 and 2015 Click here for Strategic Plan Progress Update
    2. Completed in 2016 and 2017
    3. Completed in 2018
    4. Repeated continuously over the next five years

    The Plan becomes the guidepost for the District. When decisions or responses to the community are needed, the Plan becomes the reference point for decision making and whether or not new issues or responses to the community are of higher importance than what’s been established as existing direction.

    Progress on plan objectives will be reported quarterly to our Board and staff as well as a graphic depiction of progress on the website. Additionally, staff will be completing a formal progress report annually in our Spring Brochure as well as on our website.