• Outdoor Educational Pavilion
  • Hidden Oaks Outdoor Educational Pavilion

  • The Hidden Oaks Outdoor Education Pavilion is available to rent.

    Group/individual must complete rental agreement at least 10 working days prior to date of function.Reservations must be made at Hidden Oaks and approved by the Facility Manager. Full payment is required at time of reservation; rental fee plus $50 deposit.

    The deposit is fully refundable provided the pavilion is restored to its original condition. If additional cleanup is required or damage is sustained to the pavilion or surrounding vegetation, all or part of the security deposit shall be forfeited. Should additional cleanup or repairs be required, additional charges may apply beyond the initial $50 deposit. Should there be no additional cleanup or damages, the full deposit will be refunded within 21 days.

    Minimum rental is 2 hours; maximum is 6 hours. All group/individuals need to be out of the pavilion at the end of rental time. Rental fees must be paid in full at least 7 days prior to rental date. For detailed questions on renting the Outdoor Educational Pavilion, please call (630) 739-2600.

  • Outdoor Educational Pavilion Rental Fees
    Resident$25 non-refundable fee per hour (2 hr min)$50 refundable deposit
    Nonresident$50 non-refundable fee per hour (2 hr min)$50 refundable deposit