Meet the LifeStyles Training Team


Janet O'Hara

At age 38, I put my third child on the bus for kindergarten and began a walking program, determined to shed the 30 lbs I'd packed onto my 5'6" frame. My efforts paid off in a gradual loss of 18 lbs., leaving me pleased, but not entirely satisfied. Strength training, and an overhaul of my eating habits took me the rest of the way. My "defying gravity" workouts, as I call them, brought me to a level of strength, leanness, and muscle definition I’d never even had in my twenties. The health benefits gained from exercise and good nutrition are available to anyone willing to apply consistent effort. As a trainer, it is my joy and privilege to educate, motivate, and encourage my clients to "Go for it!!" Feel better, look better, move better. I can show you how. See what your body can do!

Gail Hickman

Gail Hickman has been training in the Chicago western suburbs since 2008. She is certified through the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA), International Youth Conditioning Association (IYCA) trainer and has special training in Tabata Bootcamp, functional training, strength and conditioning. After having been a gym member and recreational runner since the age of 18, Gail left the corporate world to pursue a career as a personal trainer. With a passion to provide others with the tools they need to meet their goals. Gail provides one-on-one, small & large group training, and started a running group for all level runners to provide guidance, motivation and accountability. Gail has participated in and trained others in various types of races including the Warrior Dash obstacle race and a 200 mile relay from Madison, WI to Chicago, IL. She enjoys high intensity interval training as well as basic strength and conditioning. She believes in a healthy diet to coincide with the right training design to fit each individual client based on their needs and abilities.

Jutta Gohl

My passion for exercise started at age 12 in Germany with gymnastics and weights. I have been training myself for 20 years and others for 12 years. It’s truly my life’s passion to have fun working with my clients; watching them get results and achieve their goals.

Pat McClelland

You might say I have been orthopedically challenged throughout my life. I know firsthand what it feels like to be unable to walk or run or play with my kids. I also know it’s hard to begin exercising. We all have excuses, from being too tired, to not having enough time, etc. and they are just that -excuses, not reasons. There are no good reasons for not moving when you are able-bodied. There are, however, a multitude of reasons for moving beginning with your health, family and friends. Because of my desire to keep moving and moving well, I have been involved in the fitness industry for over 15 years, first as a Certified Group Training Instructor, teaching step aerobics, spinning and small group interval training. As I became more focused on individual coaching and functional movement, I decided to attended the National Personal Training Institute and now hold the Advanced Certified Personal Trainer accreditation. I also thoroughly look forward to continuing education opportunities annually. I sincerely enjoy engaging individuals as well as small groups to move in fat-burning, movement based, muscle enhancing, strength and endurance building, ALL-OUT-FUN, fitness experiences. I would be honored to help you discover your power through fitness! Please feel free to stop me, say “hi” and share your story with me.

Stephan Kelly

Stephan is a transplant from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, having been a Bolingbrook resident since 2008. A graduate of Kent State University, his main focus was on combative performance and stage combat. He has put those skills to use as a swordfighter and jouster in several medieval and renaissance festivals and faires throughout the Great Lakes region. He has a passion for challenges, especially physical ones, which is only out shined by his eternal positivity and his love of all things Viking. He is a nationally certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor with certifications in Aqua Fitness, Silver Sneakers Classic and the TRX Suspension Trainer.

Nick Cellini

My fitness journey began at a young age through participating in athletics all year round. I played soccer and wrestled from grade school all the way through high school, and an additional year of collegiate soccer. While completing by degree in Exercise Science at Millikin University I had to learn how to exercise outside of athletics. Using my newly gained knowledge, I was able to train myself and maintain my high level of fitness throughout college. This, along with a certification through the National Council on Strength and Fitness, fueled my passion to design logical fitness programming and to help others achieve their wellness goals. I have now been training for the last four years, helping people of all demographics achieve a variety of goals. I have a strong passion for outdoor recreation and my personal fitness goals are based around keeping my body in peak condition in order for me to continue backpacking, rock climbing, hiking, and running for as long as possible. I pride myself in logical, science-based programming as well as providing creative twists in order to keep fitness interesting.