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  • Parkie's Starfish Swim School

    Parkie has teamed up with Starfish Swimming to bring you an all-new swim lesson experience! Taught by certified instructors, our new program places emphasis on safety as well as skill. Whether you are looking to learn basic life-saving skills or are working to improve your strokes, there is a place for you in our program. All participants must wear a lined swim suit.

    • Certified Instructors through a globally-recognized agency (Starfish Aquatic Institute)
    • Focus on safety and survival skills in lower levels
    • Opportunity to build stroke skills necessary for swim team
    • Individual Student tracking for all students in the program
    • Certificates of completion for all levels passed
    • 6:1 student to instructor ratio

    Parkie's Babies Instructional Swim Lessons
    Ages 3 months-3 years with parent
    Parkie’s Babies Infant/Parent class takes your child through five progressive levels of water adjustment. This class is a wonderful opportunity to spend “aqua-lity” time with your child while introducing him/her to skills, such as: kicks, floating, bubble blowing, jumps and so much more! Each baby needs to wear a swim diaper and a swim suit.

    Early Childhood Swim Lessons
    Ages 3-kindergarten
    Developed for preschool through kindergarten age, your child will enjoy swimming using appropriate techniques and games geared toward developing skills, while emphasizing water safety!

    Youth Lessons
    Ages 1st Grade-14 years
    This program emphasizes stroke development through seven levels.Your child will experience a well-rounded aquatic experience, while learning the skills needed for successful swimming.

    Adult Lessons
    Ages 15 years & up
    It is never too late to learn how to swim! Conquer your fear of water or just refine your strokes in this innovative and fun swim class!


    Call us at (630) 739-1705 and we'll put you in touch with someone who can help.
  • Resident ID Information

  • Please note: Resident ID Cards are available for free to all residents at the Annerino Community Center and Bolingbrook Recreation & Aquatic Complex. Be prepared to bring current driver's license and current utility bill to receive your Resident ID Card. In order to keep lines short, we are unable to process Resident ID Cards at the Pelican Harbor gate. Resident ID Cards are available inside the Bolingbrook Recreation & Aquatic Complex. For each applicant in the household ages 3 months and up, we require a birth certificate or proof of guardianship.
  • Current aquatic programs are displayed below. You can search for any program by putting your own search term in.

  • Private Swim Lessons

  • Exercise and learn new techniques, or learn the strokes necessary for quality swimming in a one-on-one educational setting. Serious learning and serious fun! Register and purchase lessons at the Bolingbrook Recreation & Aquatic Complex LifeStyles desk and we'll arrange for an instructor based on your needs. You must pre-register and purchase lessons before an instructor will be scheduled. No private lessons during any aquatic programming.

    10 Single Private Lesson Pass $180
    Buy 9 individual private lessons get 1 free! (Pass is not transferable and Pelican Harbor is not responsible for lost private lesson passes.)

    30-minutes Single (single person) $20
    1:1 student to instructor ratio

    You must register and purchase private lessons at the LifeStyles desk (BRAC only) before lessons will be scheduled.
    Please call (630) 739-1705 for more information.