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  • Are you interested in sliding, swimming and playing in “your own aquatic park?” Pelican Harbor is available for private events, corporate outings and birthday parties after regular swim hours for an exclusive, splashing good time in Bolingbrook.

  • Summer Private Rentals

  • Summer Package Options & Amenities Available
    PackageOutdoor Main Pool, Sand Playground, Parkie's Oasis, Open Water SlidesEnclosed Water Slides, Diving Board/Drop SlideLazy River
    Diamond (Includes Indoor Pool)XXX
  • Summer Private Rental Rates
    Package & Number of Guests IncludedAvailable DaysAvailable TimesRental Rate Non-resident/Resident ID
    Silver (50 guests)Friday/Saturday/Sunday6:00-8:00 pm & 8:30-10:30 pm$369/$319
    Gold (50 guests)Friday/Saturday/Sunday6:00-8:00 pm & 8:30-10:30 pm$499/$449
    Platinum (50 guests)Friday/Saturday/Sunday6:00-8:00 pm & 8:30-10:30 pm$649/$599
    Diamond (100 guests)Friday/Saturday/Sunday6:00-8:00 pm & 8:30-10:30 pm$749/$699
    Indoor (50 guests)Saturday & Sunday)6:00-8:00 pm & 8:30-10:30 pm$359/$299
    Indoor - Zero-Depth Pool Only (50 guests)Monday-SundayNoon-2:00 pm$313/$271
    Monday/Friday/Saturday/Sunday2:30-4:30 pm$313/$271
  • Extra Guests (over 50) for the Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond (over 100 guests) will be $9 per person for non-residents, and $6 per person w/Resident ID.
  • Important notes about booking your private rental:

    • A 50% deposit and signed agreement is required at the time of booking. The remaining balance is due two weeks before the rental.
    • Private rentals must be booked at least two (2) weeks in advance.
    • The contact person listed on the agreement must be in attendance for the duration of the private rental.
    • Private rentals are asked to maintain the following child-to-adult ratios:
    - 2:1 for children ages 2 & under
    - 5:1 for children ages 2-3 years-old
    - 8:1 for children ages 4-8 years-old
    - 12:1 for children ages 9-12 years-old
  • Party Sales Contact Information

    We have a dedicated Birthday Party and Group Sales Coordinator ready to take your event to the next level. Call (630) 783-6653 with questions or to book your event today.
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