• Autism Programs
  • Autism Programs

  • Our autism program uses a variety of methodologies (Structured Teaching, Floortime, Zones of Regulation, Circles of Intimacy, Social Thinking etc.) to help children and teens with autism participate in a variety of recreational activities.

    We provide the individualized supports that each participant needs in order to succeed. We challenge each person to reach the next level of social independence.

    We provide picture schedules, give sensory breaks, give adequate time for processing, break down large tasks into small manageable pieces which we connect with scaffolding.

    Some of the language that we use in the program include: First/Then, Social Thinking Vocabulary, Social Stories and offering choices whenever possible.

    We introduce leisure activities that participants can use for their lifetime.


    “For most of this last year, we have not had Ethan in therapy as we tried to get his behaviors under control. Having him in the social group brought me great comfort, because I felt like at least we were doing something really meaningful and beneficial for him. Even though we did not have him in ABA, he was able to work on his social skills and leisure skills through this social group. If he had not been in that group this last year while he was not able to get therapy, I think my stress level would have been way more than it was.”
    -Chris Wolk, mother of participants