• LCSRA Policies and Procedures
  • LCSRA Policies and Procedures

  • Please follow times listed in the brochure or on the schedule provided to you for specific programs to determine program times and pick up/drop off times and locations. LCSRA reserves the right to determine if a participant is appropriate for a program. When arriving and departing a program, parents/guardians are required to notify the program supervisor. LCSRA will assist participants with their belongings at programs, but LCSRA cannot be responsible for lost or stolen property. Participants should not bring valuables to programs.

    Participants should come to the program dressed for the event (gym shoes for sports, swim suit for the pool, and casual dress for the theater). Overall appearance should be clean, with clean, dry clothing. Please come to the program with any personal care items that may be needed. Please contact LCSRA staff with any participant expectation or apparel questions.


    A class may be cancelled due to enrollment not meeting the minimum requirement. Programs may be cancelled due to inclement weather, and a makeup date may or may not be possible. If a participant cannot attend a program, they may not send someone/substitute in their place.

    If a program is cancelled due to inclement weather, cancelling a program is in the best interest of participants and staff. LCSRA will attempt to reach all participants and staff by phone to inform them of the cancellation. The following guidelines will be used to determine cancellations:

    Severe Cold Weather

    Outdoor programs: Temperature range of 0 degrees or less, including wind chill.
    Programs with transportation: Temperature of 0 degrees or less, including wind chill.

    Severe Hot Weather

    Outdoor programs and indoor sites without air-conditioning: Heat index of 100 degrees or higher.
    Programs with transportation: Heat index of 100 degrees or higher.

    Behavior Guidelines

    To ensure an enjoyable and safe program experience for all participants, a behavior code was developed. LCSRA will attempt reasonable accommodations to enable participants to meet behavior expectations.

    • One-to-one aides
    • Show respect to all participants, staff, and public.
    • Listen to and comply with staff direction and program rules.
    • Allow others in the program and others at public facilities to enjoy the activity without disruption (within reason).
    • Refrain from using foul language, discussing inappropriate topics or other offensive behavior
    • Refrain from threatening or causing bodily harm or offensive physical contact to self, other participants, staff or public.
    • Show respect to equipment, supplies, and facilities.

    Additional rules are developed for specific programs as deemed necessary by the staff.

    If inappropriate behaviors occur, a prompt resolution will be sought specific to each individual. LCSRA reserves the right to dismiss participants whose behavior endangers the safety of themselves or others.

    Wellness Guidelines

    In consideration of other participants and staff, and to prevent the spread of contagious illnesses, it is recommended that participants refrain for programs when any of the following conditions exist:

    • Fever of 100° or higher
    • Vomiting within the last 24 hours
    • Persistent diarrhea in conjunction with other symptoms
    • Contagious rash or a rash of unknown origin
    • Persistent cough and/or cold symptoms
    • Eye infections or discharge from the eye
    • Symptoms of mumps, measles, chicken pox, strep throat, flu, impetigo, or Coxsackie’s virus
    • Runny nose with yellow or green discharge
    • Lice or mites
    • Fatigue due to illness that hinders participation in a program

    Please notify LCSRA if the participant contracts any contagious illness that will affect their attendance at a program. Participants should return to programs at the doctor’s recommendation, or, if not under a doctor’s care, when the symptoms have clearly passed.


    The exchange of medication, information and participants can be hectic at the start of a program. In order to make sure all medication is in order and staff has the appropriate information, please bring the medication (only the dose needed, not the entire supply) in the original medication container and give it to the program supervisor. The program supervisor is the designated staff who will be handling the medication. Please notify LCSRA at 630-739-1124 if you will be taking medication at a program, as not all medication can be given at LCSRA programs.