• Youth Teen Dance
  • Youth & Teen Dance

  • Bolingbrook Park District youth & teen dance classes are good for ages 7-18 years old. Class offerings range from beginner to advanced levels and are great for dancers looking to progress in a certain skill, or try something new. Our program focuses on teamwork, effort energy, and measuring success through personal improvement and completion of goals. Our passionate and energetic instructors will provide affordable, high-quality instruction to give your dancer the best experience possible.

    Please Note: While the dance department offers classes by session, students should take a class for at least one year or more, until the requirements of the next level have been mastered. Participating in a class for just a session or two may not be a sufficient length of time to adequately prepare the student for the next level of training. Please also keep in mind, while ages have been provided in the brochure’s description of classes to assist in the registration process they do not supersede the recommendation of the teacher. Please stay in a level until the teacher recommends advancement. *Do not hesitate to request feedback or evaluation from your teacher.