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  • Preschool at Bolingbrook Park District

  • The Bolingbrook Park District preschool programs, offered for children ages 2 ½ to 5 years of age, focus on educating children in a way that makes learning fun. Experienced teachers create a warm, positive educational environment that fosters a child’s natural creativity and curiosity. Children are engaged in a variety of developmentally appropriate activities that are aligned with state preschool learning standards. We communicate with kindergarten program administrators in the area to ensure that our curriculum prepares our students for success in elementary school.

  • Three Unique Sites. One Common Goal. Create a Learner for Life.

    Our Stepping Stones preschool programs are located at both the Bolingbrook Recreation & Aquatic Complex (200 S. Lindsey Lane) and the Annerino Community Center (201 Recreation Drive). Our nature-based Seedlings preschool program is located at the Hidden Oaks Nature Center (419 Trout Farm Road). These engaging programs differ in their approach to learning, though they do follow the same academic curriculum goals. Find out more about our curriculum in the registration packet.

    Soon 2B3
    Children 2 ½ - 3 years old have their first positive experiences in a preschool classroom and become comfortable separating from parents for a regular period of time. Development of social skills, large and small motor skills and basic curriculum concepts are a part of your child’s day. Diapers and pull-ups are acceptable, to begin with, but children should be on their way to taking care of their own toileting needs. This class runs 2 days per week. Looking for a 3 day per week program? You can also register for Add-a-Day.

    3-Year Old Program
    This program nurtures a 3-year-old’s social and emotional growth, and provides a curriculum focusing on the alphabet, numbers, shapes and colors, and the beginning stages of writing. This class runs 2 days per week. Looking for a 3 day per week program? You can also register for Add-a-Day.

    4-Year Old Program
    In this program, 4-year-olds strengthen relationships with friends and teachers and begin to understand responsibility as they become more self-sufficient. The curriculum focuses on emerging literacy, math, science, creative art and fine motor skills to prepare children for Kindergarten.

    Pre-K Program
    The Pre-K program is designed for children 4 ½ -5 years old who are ready for additional time in the classroom. This program takes our 4-year-old curriculum to the next level with in-depth exposure to pre-literacy, math, self-expression skills and class projects. Bi-monthly field trips, science lab time and cooking classes are built into the cost of the class.

    Preschool Plus Spanish
    Children from Spanish or English speaking homes are welcome to register for the 3-year-old or 4-year-old class. The teachers, fluent in both languages, will focus on our regular preschool curriculum while teaching the children in Spanish and in English. This preschool class is a great option for those children wishing to develop skills with a new language.