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  • The Bolingbrook Park District preschool program, offered for children ages 2 1/2 to 5 years of age, focuses on educating children in a way that makes learning fun. We communicate with kindergarten program administrators in the area to ensure that our curriculum is in line with the expectations for children entering kindergarten programs. Our goal is to help children reach their potential while they learn and grow socially, emotionally, physically and intellectually. We encourage creativity and curiosity, which fosters strong self-esteem and a love of life-long learning.

  • Three Unique Sites. One Common Goal. Create a Learner for Life.

    Our Stepping Stones preschool programs are located at both the Bolingbrook Recreation & Aquatic Complex (200 S. Lindsey Lane) and the Annerino Community Center (201 Recreation Drive). Our nature-based Seedlings preschool program is located at the Hidden Oaks Nature Center (419 Trout Farm Road). These engaging programs differ in their approach to learning, though they do follow the same academic curriculum goals. Find out more about our curriculum in the registration packet.

    Soon 2B3
    Children 2 ½ - 3 years old gain confidence in a new classroom setting for their positive first experience in school and become comfortable separating from parents for a longer and more regular period of time.

    3-Year Old Program
    This program nurtures a 3 year old’s social and emotional growth through self-awareness activities such as making an All About Me Book, learning to make their own decisions, sharing, problem solving and communicating with peers.

    4-Year Old Program
    In this program, 4 year olds strengthen relationships with friends and teachers and begin to understand responsibility as they become more self-sufficient. They experience literature in a new way by creating an Alphabet Book and a Portfolio Book throughout the year..

    Pre-K Program
    The Pre-K program prepares children 4 ½ - 5 years old who are ready for additional time in the classroom to prepare for a successful full-day Kindergarten experience.

    English/Spanish Program
    Children from Spanish or English speaking homes are welcome to register for this preschool class. The teachers, fluent in both languages, will focus on our regular preschool curriculum while teaching the children the alphabet, numbers, colors, shapes etc. in Spanish and in English..

  • Preschool Add-A-Day Program
    Ages 2 ½-4 years
    This program is for children already enrolled in the Bolingbrook Park District Soon 2B3 or 3 year old program. Children are not required to attend the Add-A-Day class at the same location in which they attend preschool. By adding this extra day you can make your child’s program 3 days per week, providing more time with curriculum concepts and everything he or she loves about preschool. Children must be 2 years old by March 1, 2016 to register for this class and do not have to be toilet trained.
    Day: Friday
    Time: 9:45-11:45 am
    Location: Bolingbrook Recreation & Aquatic Complex
    Fee: $294
    w/Resident ID: $196
    Date: September 9-December 9
    No Class: November 11 & 25

    Extended Preschool Program
    Ages 3-6 years
    This program is designed to help children from any preschool program in the area adjust to a full day of school. Children who are already enrolled in a preschool class at the Bolingbrook Recreation & Aquatic Complex during this time, can be signed out and brought to the extended day program by the teacher. All children should have a labeled lunch with them as they will have lunch together with friends. This program will incorporate the S.T.E.A.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math) approach to education also allowing time for physical activity in the gym or outside. Day Date Code
    TU Sept 13-Oct 18 42130A
    W Sept 14-Oct 19 42130B
    W Oct 26-Dec 7 42130C
    TH Oct 27-Dec 8 42130D

    Time: 11:45 am-2:30 pm
    Location: Bolingbrook Recreation & Aquatic Complex
    Fee: $201
    w/Resident ID: $134
    No Class: November 23 & 24