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  • (Kindergarten – 5th Grade)
    The Bolingbrook Park District’s R.E.A.C.H. (Recreation Enhances A Child’s Health) program, provides childcare for Valley View School District (VVSD) student. REACH follows the VVSD calendar but not available on days off of school, even scheduled holidays. Participants must register by the Thursday before each session starts. During this unexpected school year, the program is providing two types of care:

    Before/After School Care

    NEW! Schedule for this option follows the VVSD calendar. This Program provides after and before school care for the days’ students will be reporting to school in-person, only. This care does not provide options for the days your child’s schedule requires e-learning (the all-day care option does provide care for e-learning scheduled days). Participants will utilize outdoor play areas, structured and unstructured table games, arts and crafts and time for homework completion. Students are allowed to bring their own snacks from. Snacks will no be provided by the REACH staff at this time.

    To register, select the school your child attends below, then chose the appropriate block.

    All Day Care

    Held at the Annerino Community Center. This program will provide supervision for all VVSD residents, grades K-5th, as they guide themselves through their daily e-learning requirements. Participants are able to utilize the Bolingbrook Park District facilities for WIFI (as need), use of the gymnasium, outdoor play areas, structured and unstructured table games, arts and crafts, and personal space/quiet time to relax, read and eat (during certain times or as needed). Parents must provide supplies, equipment and personal electronic device (laptop, tablet, etc…) needed for e-learning and recreational activities. Students should bring their own sack lunch, snacks, and water bottle.

    Participants are required to be self-sufficient in utilizing their personal electronic device, fulfill their e-learning schedule and completing expected classroom work on their own. Participants must be self-guided through Asynchronous learning. Staff will do their best to assist if needed, especially getting participants on to WiFi. Program times are listed below:

    All Day e-learning care: 8:30 am – 6:00 pm

    Participant Safety (ePACT) – electronic secure emergency and medical information REACH uses e-PACT, an on-line documentation center, to gather all necessary emergency and medical information for all enrollees. Upon registering for REACH, an email from e-PACT will be sent to the primary email with the Bolingbrook Park District. Registration for REACH will not be complete until all e-PACT information is submitted. This includes the Code of Conduct-Behavior Management Agreement, Emergency Information and Medication Form.

    Financial Assistance

    The Bolingbrook Park District understands that this program is an unexpected expense for everyone. To meet the needs of our community, we are providing this program as a fee-based program, please no that the Bolingbrook Park District is not profiting on this venture but requiring fees for the program to cover all operational costs of this offering. To off set some of this cost, those Bolingbrook Park District residents’ who currently receive the following benefits: Free Lunch Program, Medicaid, SNAP or DHS support are eligible for Financial Assistance.

    Financial Assistance is requested by submitting the Financial Assistance Application, Resident ID Form, Registration Form, plus proof of the public assistance program benefits listed above. You will be contacted in 5 business days to know if you have been awarded a 25% discount per registration. The Financial Assistance allocated to the REACH program is a maximum of 25% per child in your household, per registration.

    REACH Participant Eligibility (Inclusion aid or individual assistance)

    The Bolingbrook Park District is a member of Northern Will County Special Recreation Association (NWCSRA). The NWCSRA provides inclusion aids for park district programs and recreational programming for Bolingbrook residents with special needs.

    Due to the threat of COVID-19, if a participant cannot meet the guidelines and expectations of the program, they will not be able to participate at this time.

    For the safety of staff and other patrons, there are certain things that staff cannot do at this time:
    • Aid with any daily living skills (bathrooming, feeding, etc.)
    • Aid with transferring (lifting someone from a chair to the floor or vice versa)
    • Provide hand over hand assistance.
    • Provide one on one supervisions or assistance.
    • Manage behaviors that put self or others at risk (spitting, biting, running, physical and mental behaviors, etc.).
    All participants should be able to adhere to distancing guidelines, and follow directions.

    Code of Conduct

    Bolingbrook Park District believes that the employee’s role is one of a strong leader in helping children grow towards self-discipline and self-direction. Time-outs are used as a means of calming and self-reflection. The Behavior Management Agreement in e-PACT outlines the steps taken if unacceptable behavior takes place in the REACH program. The Park District reserves the right to dismiss a participant from the program if their behavior or language is deemed inappropriate by staff.

    COVID-19 Protocol - REACH Participants must be able to:

    • Wear a face covering at all times indoors, starting with exiting their car at drop off and when social distancing is not possible (when indoors).
    • Wear a face covering outdoors when not able to social distance and using playground equipment.
    • Independently put on and remove face covering, as needed.
    • Remain with their group during REACH scheduled times and not wander away from their group.
    • Tend to their toileting needs independently.
    • Wash their hands for 20 seconds.
    • Utilize hand sanitizer when hand washing is not an option.
    • Refrain from touching REACH counselors and other REACH participants (ex. hug, high five, hitting).
    • Maintain personal space and keep a 6-foot distance from REACH counselors and other REACH participants to ensure proper social distancing guidelines.
    • Health screening questions will be asked to parents each day at drop off to ensure the participant and those living in the same household as the participant, has not experienced any recent symptoms.

    A REACH participant that is unable to follow the above requirements will be sent home and parents will be notified that their child doesn’t meet expectations set for REACH and may not return this school year.

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