Bolingbrook Garden Club uses Hidden Oaks Community Garden to Grow and Donate Vegetables

Longtime Bolingbrook resident Dennis Dill is one of the 20 members of the Bolingbrook Garden Club. He and the team spent this summer growing vegetables at the community gardens located at the Hidden Oaks Conservation Area. In total, they donated nearly 550 pounds worth of vegetables to the West Suburban Community Food Pantry. 

2019 was rough with the bad weather and weeds. But in 2020, Dennis was proud of the results of his seven plots, with one solely dedicated to growing tomatoes. They grow every-thing from squash, cabbage, tomatoes, hot peppers, and carrots.  From July-September, Dennis would make trips to the food pantry about every three days.

“I can’t eat all this stuff and I like to grow it,” said Dennis. “The pantry normally gets canned food for food drives so these fresh vegetables are a nice change of pace.”

Now retired after 45 years in the transportation business, Dennis enjoys his time working in the gardens and is extremely passionate about everything that happens in the plots.

“I’ve always wanted to do it,” said Dennis. “My parents when they retired maintained a big garden and I just enjoy being outside and in the garden and having the opportunity here to help people.”

The Community Garden Plots go on sale April 1. To learn more about the plots, please visit