Bolingbrook Park District Fires Up New Youth Sports Program

Everyone has a “Day One.” It could be for starting a new diet or workout routine, it could be the first day at a new job, anything. It is exciting because it’s a fresh start and a beginning to a new journey with the end result being unknown.  The new youth sports program at Bolingbrook Park District is taking that exact approach. Anything can happen, but it has to start with a Day One. 

The philosophy is simple:

• Learn the basics and fundamentals of sports.
• Include everyone. Nobody is left on the sidelines. Everyone gets to participate.
• Have fun! This is the true baseline of sports, play because we want to and because it’s fun.
• Foster life-long skills to build an active lifestyle.

“Our hope is that one day, when parents don’t know what to do with all their kids old t-shirts and they decide to make a quilt, that their Day One Sports Academy shirt is front and center,” said Ryan Kertson.  

The beauty of this is that no matter where you end up, you can look back on the Day One Sports Academy and wherever it led you. Sports can teach much more than technique. We’re looking to teach teamwork, inclusion, respect, and equality so that the kids that move on and upward in the program are prepared for anything.  Programs begin the first week of June and are geared for ages 2-13. 

Sports programs include:

• Basketball
• Soccer
• Track & Field
• Parent/Kid Sports Mania
• Baseball
• T-Ball

We encourage people to take more than one class and try all sorts of sports to find what they like,” said Kertson. “There’s a lot to do and we look forward to seeing kids learn, grow, and have fun together.”

For information, please visit www. or look for the summer digital program guide that is available starting April 26.