Bolingbrook Residents Identify Playgrounds, Lily Cache Greenway Pathways, Bolingbrook Recreation and Aquatic Complex as Priorities for Repair and Improvement

Park District plans referendum in November to take action on community priorities,

Through community opinion research conducted by the Bolingbrook Park District, three projects were identified as top priorities by residents for improvement and repair. If funding is approved, the projects would include:

1.    A Capital Asset Replacement Program (CARP), which would replace 21 playgrounds village-wide and update various facility equipment, exteriors, furniture and fixtures, technology and areas that require paving.

2.    The Lily Cache Greenway pathway connection, which would connect existing trails at Veterans Parkway, as well as existing trails on the east and west sides of Weber Road. This would further connect the regional pathway plan developed in 1989.

3.    Partial renovation of the Bolingbrook Recreation and Aquatic Complex (BRAC), including a remodel of the entrance and hallway; creating two program room spaces; renovating the fitness and aquatics locker rooms at BRAC; adding four family changing rooms; and adding a bridge, pavilion and shade structures to the Lazy River at Pelican Harbor Outdoor Aquatic Park.

To accomplish these improvements, the Park District board passed a resolution to ask residents to decide on a referendum for $14 million in bonds over a 20-year period. The referendum will be on the upcoming November 6 ballot.

If voters opt to pass the funding measure, the repairs and improvements could be made while decreasing the Park District portion of residents’ tax bills. This is due to an upcoming elimination of some previous Park District bond and interest that would roll off at the same time this bond would begin. If the measure doesn’t pass, officials say these repair and improvement projects are unlikely to happen anytime in the foreseeable future.

“We pride ourselves on a disciplined, financially conservative approach to the management of our parks, facilities and programs,” said Ron Oestreich, Executive Director of the Bolingbrook Park District. “We have timed the paying off of old bonds to minimize the effect this referendum would have on residents’ taxes. As a result, this year we have the opportunity to further protect the investment that residents have already made in their parks and take action on some major community priorities while decreasing the Park District portion of residents’ tax bills. This dedication to fiscal responsibility is paying dividends for our community.”

The Park District developed a strategic plan in 2013, which included several points of community input and discussion in 2014, 2016 and 2017. As part of the plan, several projects were identified as highest priority for repair and maintenance based on the top needs of the community. During the final research phase last summer, residents identified these three projects as their top priorities.

“This plan has always been about engaging and listening to our community,” said Jerry Hix, President of the Bolingbrook Park District Board of Commissioners. “This is their Park District.”

Residents can ask questions and access more information about the referendum at They are also encouraged to follow the Bolingbrook Park District on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to stay updated on the latest developments.