Pelican Harbor Indoor/Outdoor Aquatic Park Earns 5-Star Award for Lifeguard Performance During Audit

The Starfish Aquatics Institute (SAI) and StarGuard Elite (SGE) awarded Bolingbrook Park District, the prestigious StarGuard Elite 5-Star Award following an unannounced performance audit of the lifeguards and management staff.

Tim Jaskiewicz, Pelican Harbor Aquatics Manager accepted the award on behalf of the park district.

Lifeguards were first assessed using a “mystery shopper” approach to evaluate scanning, attentiveness and professionalism. Next, skill scenarios were conducted to evaluate the ability of the staff to respond to drowning and other emergencies. Supervisor staff was evaluated for leadership ability, and documentation and safety practices of the facility were reviewed as well. Over 50 performance metrics were assessed and Pelican Harbor met critical standards in every one, and exceeded standards to earn the overall 5-Star rating.

“Very few aquatic facilities qualify to receive this honor,” stated Jill White, Founder of SAI and Principal in SGE. “It represents a tremendous commitment to safety and training, and exceptional performance by the lifeguard staff on duty at the time.”

The local lifeguards who contributed to achievement of the 5-Star award included:

  • Anaise Laforest – Scanning Observation
  • Riley Strafaci – Scanning Observation, Sudden Cardiac Arrest Response, Unresponsive Drowning Scenario, and Spinal injury Management
  • Ethan Jones – Unresponsive Drowning Scenario
  • Sergey Markelov – Unresponsive Drowning Scenario
  • Rob Bast – Supervisor Observation

SAI is one of the premier lifeguard, swim instructor and pool operator certifying agencies in the United States. The Institute offers evidence-based curricula recognized worldwide. SGE provides risk prevention services such as training, performance audits and operational support to the aquatic industry, in an effort to improve safety and reduce the risk of drowning.