Playground Design Finalized after Community Input Sessions

BOLINGBROOK, Ill. – The Bolingbrook Park District has released the final designs for the five playgrounds that are to be built this year.  After two Playground Planning Community Input Sessions and on online survey, community members chose what equipment they would like to see in their parks and then voted on initial designs from Upland Design Co. 

The five playgrounds slated to be completed in 2019 are:

  • Remington Lakes Sports Complex (811 W. Remington Blvd.)
  • Lily Cache Greenway (Along Lily Cache Creek, West of Orchard Dr.)
  • Poplar Park (870 Poplar Ln.)
  • Heritage Park (702 Paxson Dr.)
  • Jaycee Park (550 Lily Cache Ln.)

To view the final designs, click the link below:

Final Playground Designs