Theatre Company Performers Get Creative with New Show

COVID-19 has been a challenge for a lot of people including the BPD Theatre Company. The performers, led by Janelle Kolsh, have made the best of an unusual situation with creativity and a positive attitude.

“It has been great for the performers to ease back into class and since it’s such a great group of kids we can really get creative,” said Janelle.

The cast is working toward a show this holiday season titled “The Day Santa Got Mixed Up,” which will be performed for parents. It provides yet another challenge for a show that requires 15 characters to be played by only five performers

“It’s so different for right now and I’m happy they’re willing. They’ve just been dying to do something and they’re just excited to be here, which makes it fun,” said Janelle. "Even with all the safety protocols in place, once the masks are off and the kids are settled into class, they can get back what they all enjoy doing. The benefits of being back in the theatre program are endless, but Janelle’s main focus is simple: build confidence, trust, and have fun.

“I try to give them a safe environment where they can make mistakes and be themselves,” said Janelle. “I want them to trust everyone in their theater group that they’re going to know their lines and rely on each other.”

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Get to know Janelle Kolsh:

  • Joined Bolingbrook Park District in July of 2015.
  • Received her BA in Theatre at Lewis University.
  • Worked as a Production Assistant for Broadway musicals like Wicked, The Addams Family and Billy Elliot.
  • Teaches the following programs:
    • BPD Theatre Company (Writes, directs, and casts shows)
    • Improv Only!
    • Acting 101
    • Advanced Scene Study
    • Choreography for Theatre