Time Capsule Opened After 25 Years

Tuesday, August 11 marked exactly 50 years since the referendum was passed that created Bolingbrook Park District. To celebrate, the time capsule that was sealed under the concrete at the Bolingbrook Recreation & Aquatic Complex was opened. It had been placed there in March of 1995, just before the building was built.

After Executive Director Ron Oestreich and a number of staff members took a sledge hammer to break it open, all that was found were a few cups, a Bolingbrook Park District flag, a few stickers with the 25th anniversary logo, and some washed away sheets of paper that could have been letters or pictures.

“It definitely was exciting to open it in front of our staff,” said Oestreich. “Even though those items have been soaking for a few decades, we were happy to have it open.”

Plans are already underway for what to put into the next time capsule to have opened in 2045 for the park district’s 75th anniversary.

“We’ll make sure our focus is on waterproofing so those down the line can enjoy it and know what our experience was like today,” said Oestreich.