What is a Ninja?

A ninja is someone who has loads of nergy and is ready to direct it in a positive way through creative movement.  They will use a combination of gymnastics, martial arts, and obstacle course training to have fun while being safe and responsible.  Ninjas flip, jump, climb, tumble, run, and slide.  Coaches will guide ninjas to build confidence, focus on listening skills, and manners. Ninjas are ready for anything.

If your child is ready to be a Ninja, we’re ready for them. Classes range from kids ages 18 months to 13 years old.  

“What’s great about the program is that there is more than one level, similar to martial arts,” said Laney Haupert, program manager.  “Our program has three levels currently, but can expand to have five. So, the further you go, the more advanced (and fun) being a ninja can be!”

Being a ninja is not just “gymnastics for boys,” either. Classes are co-ed and everyone is welcome to participate. A main difference between ninja and gymnastics is that the skills taught in ninja don’t require independent work on a specific skill or routine.  Ninjas do everything together and skills are constantly being taught and reinforced. 

“This is the perfect program for all kids that have a surplus of energy and is the perfect solution from having to sit on a computer,” said Haupert. “There’s not much down time, we’re always moving around and having fun safely.”

For more information about Ninja Zone and how-to sign-up, please visit www.bolingbrookparks.org/ninja