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  • Nutritional Seminar
    “Hello Food. Can We Talk?” - Improving Our Relationship with Food
    11:30 am-1:00 pm

    In our fast-paced society, we often find ourselves multitasking while we eat. Consider thinking of food as a friend...how would your friend respond if you gave only distracted attention?

    In this seminar, we will dive into techniques of self-exploration in order to restore our focus during times of eating. We will learn ways to become more aware of our body’s signals and question what lies underneath cravings and urges to eat when we aren’t hungry. We will take the time to understand and appreciate how the food we eat nourishes us. Let’s make friends with food!

    Join us for a hands-on, interactive dining experience. Register at the fitness desk or online @bolingbrookparks.org to reserve your spot by Wednesday, February 7. Fee: $15.00 - includes free registration into the Buddy Up Workouts!

    Buddy-Up Workouts
    1:00-2:30 pm
    Ages 16 & Up
    Grab your best friend, hubby, sister or whomever you choose for this great work-out! Partner exercises will be the basis for this work-out. If you need a buddy, just let us know when you sign up and we will ensure to have one waiting for you at this great work out challenge!

    Member: $7 14051A
    Non-member: $10 14051B

    Key Contact: Vanessa Peca-Burkhart