• Mermaid Swim Class Banner
  • Ages 7-18 years
    Learn to safely swim at Pelican Harbor Aquatic Park with a mermaid tail! Classes will consist of safety aspects, fin care, and fun mermaid skills & activities including:

    • Diving for dive toys (surface and sitting dives)
    • Cannonball into the pool
    • Front somersault
    • Fluke splashes
    • Mermaid obstacle course

    Please note: Participants must be able to back and front float independently, roll front to back and back to front independently, tread water for 1 minute, swim 25 yards of basic front stroke, and do a basic dolphin kick. A mermaid fin rental for the duration of the class is included in the cost of the session.

    Fee: $75
    w/Resident ID: $60
    Location: Pelican Harbor Aquatic Park
    Key Contact: Amanda Prince