Ashbury’s presents Escape to Vegas Suitcase Party on April 23

The new additions at Ashbury's at Boughton Ridge keep filtering in.  With the all-new "A-Bar," and three new menus, the new staff has come up with their latest and greatest idea:  The Escape to Vegas Suitcase Party. Basically, you bring your packed suitcase to the party, eat and drink all night, be entertained by live music and by night's end, you could be whisked away in a limo and on your way to The Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas for three days.

Tickets are currently on sale and are $65 per couple.  You can purchase tickets at Ashbury's, located at 335 E. Boughton Rd or you can order online by going to and clicking on the Escape to Vegas icon.  Buy your tickets now as they're only on sale until Friday, April 10.

The party will be on Thursday, April 23, starting at 7:00 pm and ending at 10:00 pm.  Guests will enjoy live music, an open-bar and heavy appetizers throughout the evening.  If you have questions regarding the event, we've created a Frequently Asked Questions section on the Escape to Vegas page that explains the event in further detail.  If it's not listed, please contact Jennifer Navarro, General Manager of Ashbury's at 630-783-6532.

For tickets, click this link: Escape to Vegas Suitcase Party Tickets