LifeStyles Fitness Center Celebrates 20th Anniversary

On Saturday, February 6 from 7:00 am-Noon, Lifestyles Fitness Center will be hosting their 20th Anniversary Celebration.  Patrons can partake in free group exercise classes, free health screenings from AMITA Health Adventist Bolingbrook Hospital, meet with licensed trainers, enjoy food from Ashbury's at Boughton Ridge, discounts on personal training packages and birthday cake.  This event will be held at the Bolingbrook Recreation & Aquatic Complex located at 200 S. Lindsey Ln.

"We've done some pretty cool things in the past but this one beats them all," said John Chase, Fitness Manager of LifeStyles Fitness Center. "We want people to come out and try our classes and see just how fun exercise is at LifeStyles. We want people to see that you can get a great work out and have a smile on your face at the same time."

Not only is the goal of the event to giveaway a free cruise, but it's to encourage members to commit to having their best year yet.  The day of the event, patrons will be asked to fill out a 'Commitment Card' with their 2016 fitness goals.   Goals can be anything from drinking more water to reducing total body fat. To assist with fitness goals, Lifestyles personal trainers will be on hand to answer any questions.

The most important thing is that members write it down and make a personal commitment.  As a reward, they will receive a free t-shirt (limited to the first 300) and an entry into the drawing to win a Caribbean Cruise.

"We've been gearing up for this for quite a while and our whole team is pretty excited to show our facility off to the community," said Chase.

Not only can people enter win to the cruise at the event, but they can get bonus entries starting now through any of the following actions:

  • Current members refer a friend who signs up for a membership (6 entries)
  • Enroll in a Boot Camp, Kettlebell, or NRG Zone group fitness class (1 entry)
  • Purchase 30 or 60-minute personal training packages (10 or more sessions) (2 entries)
  • Enroll in 12-month personal training (6 entries)
  • Purchase a 1-year membership (4 entries)
  • Existing member upgrades to a Platinum Membership with 12 month commitment (3 entries)
  • New member joins as a Platinum member (5 entries)

"LifeStyles is a great community of people with the same goal in mind. They're all working toward creating healthier, happier, more productive versions of themselves. From the moment you walk in the door, our Customer Care Representatives will greet you, our trainers and instructors are here to help you, our maintenance team is making sure the place looks great and everything is in good working order."

Since opening their doors in 1996, LifeStyles have retained 40 original members.  Today, they now have over 2,200 members.

"There aren't many fitness centers that can offer as much value to members that would keep them coming back year after year for twenty years," said Chase.  "When people visit a fitness center they expect the equipment to be up-to-date and in good working order. LifeStyles is no exception and I like to think we're on the forefront. We work with our members, trainers, instructors, and top vendors to make sure we've got the best."